David M. Walker

Dave Walker has lifted the hood on the federal govt. –Ross Perot


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America in 2040: Sill a Superpower?

(authorHOUSE 2020) This book provides a “Wake-up Call” regarding what the international and domestic situation could look like for America in 2040 absent a change in course. It includes an overview of the significant adverse implications of COVID-19 related activities, lessons learned from the past great powers, and key concepts from our nation’s founding and past history. It summarizes a broad range of economic, national security and domestic tranquility threats facing America, including the new and dangerous Modern Monetary Theory. It also includes a number of sensible and publicly tested solutions spanning a broad range of policy areas that, if implemented, will create a better future in America and ensure that the U.S. is the first republic and great power to stand the test of time. It concludes with steps that individuals should take to create a better future for themselves, their family and our country.

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This book is a “stunning read” into one of the existential issues of our time, authored by one of the leading fiscal experts of our time. Compelling here is the clarity in the lessons of history, the clear description of the current urgent challenges, as well as the remarkable insight into solutions, the haunting need for which has been tragically highlighted by COVID-19. A tough subject made clear by a brilliant writer, a patriot and a man of service.” Admiral Mike Mullen, USN Ret., former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Dave Walker has done America a true service. In clear prose, he describes the magnitude of the social, fiscal, economic, and security challenges we face as a country and offers sensible solutions. He also identifies how a rising generation of leaders in Washington will need to put aside the mindless partisanship and put country before party to ensure this century is an American century. A tour de force!.” Nancy Jacobson, CEO and Founder of No Labels

Dave Walker is the policy equivalent of a master home inspector. ‘Before you buy this house, you need to fix these things.’ Walker systematically identifies the problems we must fix to sustain the great edifice of American democracy, A great checklist for creating a better future.” Hon. John Hamre, CEO of the Center for Strategic and international Studies and former Deputy Secretary of Defense

This book is yet another excellent demonstration of Dave Walker’s commitment to playing a leadership role in guiding sensible budget policy and fiscal responsibility, and it’s filled with promising solutions to help put the nation on a better path.” Maya MacGuineas, CEO of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget 

This is a very timely and important book. In it, Dave Walker states the facts and speaks the truth about our nation’s finances and potential implications for our future economic and national security. He then outlines a range of sensible solutions to help ensure that America stays a Superpower in 2040 and beyond.” Ernie Almonte, President of the Association of Government Accountants and former Chairman of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 



Comeback America

(Random House, 2010) includes a range of insightful and informative ideas all taking into account the Obama Administration’s current efforts to-date. It addresses a range of policy, operational and political reforms needed to ensure that America’s future will be better than its past.

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Please read this book by David Walker. No one has worked harder, been armed with more facts, written more clearly and been more dedicated to the mission of restoring confidence in our fiscal affairs and trust in government.” Paul Volcker

Every American should read David Walker’s clear analysis of our dangerous future federal budget deficits and of our current political system.” Bob Rubin

David Walker shows us how to regain fiscal sanity and why, if we don’t, we’re at risk of bequeathing a lower standard of living to our children and becoming a second rate power.” Bill Bradley

Comeback America is a brilliant, factual, and highly readable account of our current fiscal predicament.” Carla Hills

Dave Walker has lifted the hood on the federal government, diagnosed the problems, and provided a number of sensible suggestions to help restore America’s greatness. If you care about our future, you’ll read this book.” Ross Perot

David Walker has drawn a true frightening and fact-based picture of a looming crisis; a crisis that will make the recent financial meltdown seem like a walk in the park. If this analysis doesn’t stir you to action, nothing will.” Paul O’Neill


 Delivering on the Promise

Delivering on the Promise

(Simon & Schuster, 1998) Business has long struggled with the notion of “human capital,” but do companies really know the value of their people? All too frequently, companies lay off thousands of workers to boost share price while, at the same time, their annual reports promise that “people are our greatest asset!” Now, for the first time, human capital experts Brian Friedman, James Hatch, and David M. Walker show how companies can deliver on this promise. They reveal how Arthur Andersen’s breakthrough five-stage framework, “Human Capital Appraisal,” enables managers to measure, manage, and leverage their companies’ investment in people.

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 Retirement Security

Retirement Security

(Wiley, 1996) A complete, personal retirement education and planning guide from a recognized expert in the field. Baby boomers and busters are waking up to the fact that Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements that have helped provide a reasonable quality of life for their parents aren’t going to ensure the same level of benefits when they reach retirement age. To help consumers confront the retirement crisis head-on, this book presents strategies and opportunities that can be put into place now. Provides comprehensive coverage of Social Security, Medicare, pension, health care, personal savings, and investment issues.

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